Here's some music from Dave Belzer, Keyboardist



Dave Belzer is a recording artist on the Lesser Pyramid record label.  Mr. Belzer is a composer, pianist, synthesist, and improvisor.

Performances and Recordings

Dave Belzer performs live improvisations and recitals at respected venues.

Mr. Belzer has released 4 albums in the genres of jazz, classical, new age, and electronica.

Mr. Belzer collaborates with distinguished percussionists and musicians of diverse backgrounds for live performances and to create the recordings heard below.

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"My goal and passion has been to create original and unique music the likes of which have never been heard before.  All styles and genres of music are integrated without distinction."


The approach is a blend of improvisation and composition, demanding the most from the performer at a moment when it is most needed.  Intent is to blur the distinction between the two art forms, and tap directly into inspiration.


"Sr. Belzer, you are one of my favorite keyboard players." -- Luis Peralta, Chelan, WA

"When you told me you was a white boy, you didn't tell me you were funky and play your ass off." -- Pete Dupoe, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

"Dave and me go way back.  We played in a band together!"  -- Roger Fisher, Seattle, WA

"Dave, you really wail on the Hammond organ!"  -- Mike Pinera, Los Angeles, CA

"To be aware of the resonance that exists around us and give it an avenue of expression is the purpose behind our music."-- Michael Pennington, Sammamish, WA

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